How To Use the Spiritual Journey Evaluation Tool (please read carefully)

This software is designed to automate the cumbersome Spiritual Journey Evaluation tabulation process. As a busy pastor, this software frees up your valuable time while giving you instant access to your survey results. Once you have registered your Church and setup your survey, I encourage you to recruit as many members of your Church as necessary to expedite the data entry process.

Getting Started

Registration. To begin using this software you must first register your Church by clicking the REGISTER icon. After you have registered, and T-Net International has received your registration fee of $30, you are free to begin using this software. You can enter as many surveys as you want at no additional charge.

Survey Setup. The next step is to setup a new survey by clicking the SURVEY icon. In the middle of the screen, type a description of your new survey (i.e. Lakeside_1) and select the year that the survey was taken (i.e. 2002). After you click the 'ADD SURVEY' button your new survey name will appear in the list. You are now ready to being entering data.

Data Entry. The data entry process is easy. Simple click the ADD icon and begin entering your survey data. The quickest method of data entry involves using the TAB key (to move between questions) and using the DOWN ARROW key (to select their appropriate response). If no answer is given, simply select the "..." in the drop down menu or leave the answer blank.

Important Note: Incomplete surveys contain valuable data and should not be thrown away. When incomplete survey data is entered the software shows you which questions were not answered. At that point, you can double check the answers given or save the incomplete results as they appear.

Data Recording. After you enter a survey, a tally sheet appears. This page gives you a REFERENCE NUMBER and summarizes the Phase, Functional Phase, Current Condition, and Long Term Condition. Write all of this data on your survey immediately. This information will be invaluable if you have to come back and edit or delete the survey you entered. If you do not receive a message that says "Data Saved" you data did not get recorded.

Disclaimer: We strongly encourage you to protect your own data by taking three steps. First, keep all of your paper surveys in a safe place. Second, use the EXPORT feature to save your data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Third, print a hard copy of your survey RESULTS and keep it on file. We are in no way liable for lost or damaged survey data. 

Survey Results. After you have begun entering surveys, click the RESULTS icon to see a graphical representation of your Church's data. Your data can be compared to National Church Norms or a survey your Church may have completed years ago. You can also cut and past this information into Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, or Excel to share it with your congregation and leadership.

The Software Isn't Working!@#

Upgrade Your Browser. This software was designed using the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. If you have an outdated browser, you can download the latest versions of these browsers for free. Or, if you choose, you can move to a machine that has these free software packages already installed.

Enable Cookies. This software relies on "cookies". Cookies are harmless data files that get written to your computer as you use the software. These files store your username and information about the survey you are using. Type "cookies" in your browser's help menu to learn how you can allow "cookies" for this website.

Check Back. Although we make every effort to avoid it, it is possible that an online software upgrade or administrative function (i.e. backup) might be taking place as you are online entering survey data. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. If this happens, check back later that day or night and continue your work.

Other Issues of Concern

Tabulation. This software tabulates data according to the standards provided by Bob Gilliam. When (if) these standards are  adjusted, you data will be automatically re-tabulated and will remain relevant. If you have reason to suspect the software is miscalculating your data, notify me immediately.

Your Profile. Please keep your church profile up to date. You Churches information and especially a current email address enables us to communicate with you about any changes or upgrades in the capability of this software.

Technical Support. Please understand that telephone technical support for this software is not available. As a busy pastor, I do not have time to personally (verbally) answer your questions. However, I do encourage you to contact me via email with any questions, suggestions, or positive feedback. In the future we will install a support forum to handle questions and support issues.

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